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Creating Comfort and Confidence in Pregnancy and Labor
Why “Functional Childbirth”?

I wouldn’t think of going through pregnancy without chiropractic care…it’s 100% necessary. Dr. Manning saved me from a C-section!

-Jami P. - first time mom

I had a great home birth with a TWO hour labor.  I recalled the position of my pelvis as Dr. Manning described, made an adjustment to my position, next push she was out!

-Ramona K.; natural home birth after two hospital births

"Dr. Sean is my chiropractor and my daughter's chiropractor.  When I refer clients they are always treated well and are thrilled with the results and effects of their care.  I've had several clients have babies turn vertex, as well as moms who had pelvic/back pain have their pain alleviated.  I believe their labors were easier due to chiropractic care, especially the moms who were able to reposition their babies with Dr. Sean's care."  

-Tricia Fitzgerald; Doula/CBE; mother of five

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My name is Dr. Sean Manning and for over 13 years I’ve specialized in alleviating pregnancy pain and helping women like you to have the smoothest, healthiest, safest delivery possible.  I’ve developed my Functional Childbirth™ email/video series to empower expectant mothers and give them the information they need to make the best choices for themselves and their babies.

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